Arts Therapy at Ormiston Junior College

It was so great getting to return to Ormiston and see some of the learners I’d worked with earlier in the year. This school is just bursting with creativity and innovation. I love how they treat each learner as unique and help them find their own pathway through education. I also love how this school invites people from the wider community to come and and share their work with the learners. So great for them to get exposed to what’s happening out there in the wider world!

So I was lucky enough to be invited in to present to both the learners and learning coaches a bit about what arts therapy is. I shared some information on the practice and we did a few simple exercises too get a feel for it. Afterwards I spoke one on one with several learners who were developing their own creative projects on addressing mental health and wellbeing.

Thanks for having me Ormiston!

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