Upstreaming our thinking as a regenerative practice

For at least the last 2 years I’ve been grappling with one regenerative practice framework that seems simple at first glance, but is such a mind bender, for me anyway. I’m still finding my way with this framework and by no means have I got it mastered (is that even possible or desirable?). It’s called [...]

‘Regenerative Practice Workshop’ at ST PAUL St Gallery 2019 Curatorial Symposium

Lucy-Mary Mulholland's response featured in the symposium publicationDownload I was honoured to be invited into this symposium to co-facilitate (with Taarati Taiaroa) 2 workshops exploring some of the foundational principles and frameworks of regenerative practice. Following the event all presenters and facilitators developed responses which were featured in the online and printed publication. For my [...]

Tried and true: ‘Constructs’ and ‘the unknown’ in regenerative practice and development

The Bhudda said “I too use constructs but I am not fooled by them.” I’ve thought about this phrase a lot since I first heard it from a teacher, Tarchin Hearn, in Aongatete, near Katitkati (Ngāti Te Rangi), the foothills of the Kaimai ranges in Aotearoa New Zealand. At the time I was staying in [...]

Arts Therapy at Ormiston Junior College

It was so great getting to return to Ormiston and see some of the learners I'd worked with earlier in the year. This school is just bursting with creativity and innovation. I love how they treat each learner as unique and help them find their own pathway through education. I also love how this school [...]

Video response piece with Robert George to ‘Tiffany Singh: Life Is But A Vapour’ at Te Uru Art Gallery, Waitakere, Dec 2014

 Film still - video response - Robert George & Lucy-Mary Mulholland TIFFANY SINGH: LIFE IS BUT A VAPOUR As part of her 2013 McCahon House artist residency, Tiffany Singh explored the concept of wellbeing in relation to the process of grief, death and dying. The public were invited to the McCahon House studio over a [...]

The Arts Therapy Expedition

The journey so far of my interest, research, learnings and experience of Arts Therapy in schools... In 2011 after completing a BA, majoring in Psychology from the University of Canterbury, I began a 3 year Master of Arts - Arts Therapy program at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in Auckland. In 2012 I completed [...]