Cool it!

Next time you feel emotionally overwhlemed or out of control, try submerging your face in cold water for 30 seconds, or hold on ice pack over your eyes and cheeks. This activates the mammalian diving reflex which slows down your heart rate as well as activating your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you return to [...]

Arts Therapy at Ormiston Junior College

It was so great getting to return to Ormiston and see some of the learners I'd worked with earlier in the year. This school is just bursting with creativity and innovation. I love how they treat each learner as unique and help them find their own pathway through education. I also love how this school [...]

Video response piece with Robert George to ‘Tiffany Singh: Life Is But A Vapour’ at Te Uru Art Gallery, Waitakere, Dec 2014

 Film still - video response - Robert George & Lucy-Mary Mulholland TIFFANY SINGH: LIFE IS BUT A VAPOUR As part of her 2013 McCahon House artist residency, Tiffany Singh explored the concept of wellbeing in relation to the process of grief, death and dying. The public were invited to the McCahon House studio over a [...]