Enrolments open! The Regenerative Practitioner Series 2022

Images: Neural pathways / Tree branches

Enrolment has just opening for The Regenerative Practitioner Series! An in-depth, five month course held over Zoom videoconference (commencing Feb 2022).

The series provides a deep dive into the fundamental shifts in how we think and how we work that underlie a regenerative approach to development of all kinds. This series is for anyone working on localised projects with aspirations for systemic change – included but not limited to, the fields of community development, ecology, arts, design and architecture, health, local government, innovation, business, education or housing. Wrapping around this series is an active and supportive community of regenerative practitioners here in Aotearoa and globally. Find out more here – https://regenerat.es/trp/.

This series was first carried here in 2016 by Caroline Robinson and Jerome Partington. In Aotearoa it has always been offered in partnership with tangata whenua and delivered with the support of local hosting teams. Stephanie Matariki (of Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Whakaue and Ngāpuhi) and Johnnie Freeland (of Ngāti Te Ata Waiohua and Ngāi Tūhoe) are currently supporting this kaupapa through tikanga guidance and co-hosting roles. USA based Regenesis came into being 25 yers ago. Their teachings weave with those of close collaborator Carol Sanford (drawing in part from her Mohawk ancestral knowledge). Their practice is sourced from the thinking and work of Gregory Bateson, David Bohm, John G. Bennett, Alfred Korzybski, Charles Krone (teacher of both Carol Sanford and Regenesis co-founder Pamela Mang), Bill Mollison, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Ilya Prigogine and Idries Shah.

Regenerative practice is based on the premise that we cannot make the outer transformations required to create a truly sustainable world without making inner transformations in how we think, how we work, and who we are.

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