Mind Jar: Creative based mindfulness for Adults

Weekly self-care class for adults.

Mindfulness, creativity, tools and strategies to promote good mental-emotional health.

If you feel a bit stressed, anxious, low, find yourself ruminating a lot, struggle to “switch off” from work, or just need a little time and space to refill your mental/emotional tanks, this class is for you. It’s both practical and experiential. You should leave with a feeling of groundedness and calm, but also go away with some tools and techniques that you can use day to day.

You could use this class for your own self-care or to get some tips for supporting a friend.

If you have questions you can txt, email or call Lucy-Mary

BUY TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mind-jar-tickets-56386950888

Only 6 spaces!
$20 for a 60 minute class

Class outline:
-Guided mindfulness practice (sitting)
-Wellbeing theme or technique is introduced
-Guided creative exercise using art materials (eg. clay, collage, paint, pastels, pencils etc.)
-Guided mindfulness practice to close (sitting)