Consulting & Collaborations

“I met with Lucy-Mary because I knew, without a doubt, that one of my characters had to be an art therapist. What I didn’t know was how much chatting to an art therapist would end up benefiting my screenplay overall. Seeing my characters through Lucy-Mary’s experienced eyes – listening to her take on their unique troubles and relationships – it sent me down paths I’d never even considered before. I can’t imagine a time when having coffee with her wouldn’t be beneficial to any of my future projects.” – Anna Nuria Francino (Screenwriter)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of the most patient, kind and thoughtful people in the world, in a collaboration that showcased her masterful skills in connecting people, feelings, and art-making. It has been so enriching to work alongside Lucy-Mary Mulholland in White_mess‘ Whānui: Children Talk About as a part of Auckland Arts Festival. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.” – Alice Canton (Artistic Director, White_mess) 


Lucy-Mary is available for short and long term collaborative projects as well as consulting/coaching sessions. Her unique insights and experience from the world of clinical arts therapy is a valuable addition to community based arts projects and creative work that deals with mental health. She has also helped many parents, youth workers and teachers to support the mental health of children in their care.

By appointment only – zoom call sessions or in person meetings.

Fee by negotiation

Previous projects: 


Collaboration with documentary theatre maker Alice Canton for Auckland Arts Festival – Whanau.


Consultation with Anna Nuria Francino on her upcoming feature film.