Artist joined by Arts Therapist


Created by students from Ormiston Junior College and White_mess

Children Talk About is a new documentary theatre project that creates space for young people to have courageous conversations. We think that young people should be entrusted to talk about difficult subjects, and play their part in the process of change.

We have worked with the participants over five workshop sessions. Together, we have identified what courage is, what it looks and feels like, and how important it is to live in a world with courage.

We have learnt about empathy, and how to share and understand the feelings of others. We’ve been practicing these skills through game and creative play – discovering how to make, accept and build offers, and listen with our whole selves.

This is a sharing of our process, so that you have some insight into the very rich conversations that have emerged – without compromising the authenticity of the story by ‘presenting’ or ‘performing’ for the audience. Our aim is to continue this project beyond Auckland Arts Festival, so we encourage you to dream around the possibilities of where we might go next. — Alice, Lucy-Mary and Julie

Director: Alice Canton
Arts Therapist: Lucy-Mary Mulholland
Creative Producer: Julie Zhu
Technical Operator: Ronnie Livingstone

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