‘Together To Green’ – Performed as part of the transition from Blue to Green of ‘May The Rainbow Always Touch Your Shoulder’ – Tiffany Singh. Auckland Art Gallery, Sept 2013

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Performance piece: This work touches upon the themes of inclusivity and participation in the creative process present in Tiffany Singh’s work. The audience is invited to co-create the work by providing a soundscape with hand bells, for which the performer will respond in movement, based on the direction, volume and intensity of sound.


On Saturday 28 September Auckland Art Gallery’s Learning Centre changes to green for the final phase of artist Tiffany Singh’s installation, Dusted With Spices Of A Million Flowers. To celebrate the final phase Ms Singh will host a special Family Drop-In session where visitors can create green paper boats to add to the installation Directions Of Sunbeams. The day will also feature a dance performance by Lucy-Mary Mulholland created specially for this final colour change and a chance to participate in greening up Auckland with a kawakawa seedling exchange.

“Colour and nature are a way for our hearts and souls to be one with the world around us. Dusted With Spices Of A Million Flowers provides a space for us to connect our energies and experience the seasonal beauty that surrounds us everyday” Tiffany Singh


“I just want to say how moving Saturday’s ‘blue to green’ performance was – It was lovely seeing the children respond individually by picking up bells and ringing them, at first a little diffidently, then in such an enthusiastic way with many bells of different pitches. It made music that was absolutely beautiful, transporting us into a different space. Lucy, your choreography was understated and responded perfectly to the sound inputs from the kids  – thanks for the empathy that was evident in your work with these young people. It was extraordinary to see you ‘Pied Pipering’ them through Tiffany’s works and out to the terrace, continuing to respond there.
I admire the ways that this collaboration made simple, wordless acts into an experience of sharing, connection and generosity that was so evident.”
Roger Taberner – Learning Programme Manager | Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

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